About Us

Progbiz’s ERP software is a web application that makes your day-to-day business processes easier by reducing repetitive tasks, managing inventory, automating manual tasks, tracking employees' performance, and simplifying HR operations. Our ERP software includes 4 modules, they are accounting software, CRM, inventory, and HRMS. Progbiz designed this software for small, medium, and large industries.

We provide the software in a customized package. You can customize the software to match your business needs. We make this software available at a low price without compromising the quality.

Why Should You Buy Our ERP Software?

Increased productivity

Our ERP software increases productivity by helping to reduce repetitive tasks and manual tasks and saving employees time. So they can focus on their core work.

Cost savings

The main reason to buy our ERP software is cost savings, ERP software helps to eliminate manual data entry or processes that require more paper trails.

Business growth

By improving productivity with ERP software, the business will grow faster in a limited time.

Regulatory compliance and security

Progbiz’s ERP software follows specific security standards and regulations to protect your data and minimize risk.