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Importance of Mobile SEO

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The Google algorithm is increasingly geared toward mobile search users. All websites have to be focused on mobile performance. Mobile SEO is called mobile search engine optimization. If a website has mobile SEO it will flawlessly support mobiles and tablets. Google is supporting this because no of mobile users is more compared for desktop & laptops. You have to optimize your website because it will increase user engagement. Mobile SEO is the process that optimizes your website to rank high in search results.

What is called mobile SEO?

It’s a process of optimizing your website so that it looks great and has proper functioning on mobile devices. When you are setting up a website with good mobile SEO strategy, the users get a good experience on different type of devices. The number of mobile devices is increasing rapidly these days. So 85% of people love to buy and search for things online. So having a mobile-friendly website is very important these days

But some people don’t know the importance of a mobile-friendly website. If you didn’t give any attention to your websites, it will gradually decrease your SEO strategy and site performance. If your website has bad mobile experience users don’t like to engage in the website. Optimizing your website and its content will give high revenue to your online business.

Why mobile SEO is important?

  • People spend 90% time using mobile. If the majority of the people spend their time, they will eventually browse services and products on mobile. So you have to ensure users have a good experience by using the website.

  • If users have a positive mobile experience on your site, they will come back to your pages again. Returning to your website can have a significant impact on whether visitors become leads for your business.

  • A mobile SEO is providing the best experience for your audience. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you risk people having a negative thought of your business, which affects your ranking. You'll improve the perception of your business by having a mobile-friendly website.

  • If your site works properly on phones, your audience is more likely to purchase products from your company. Your business will earn more conversions with a mobile-friendly website.

seo company in kannur
seo company in kannur

How to improve a mobile friendly website?

There are many benefits of having a mobile-friendly website. It gives more engaging people from mobile search.

  • Website loading speed: Google always gives priority to page speed. Its recommend that your site have to be loaded in 3 seconds. When loading time increase it will risk users leaving your site. Mobile SEO optimizes your website and it will load quickly. So users will stay on your website.

  • Improve user experience: Mobile SEO will help your website to navigate on mobile. Users don’t like to zoom all the text; they will struggle to engage in the website. Invest in mobile SEO and it gradually increases your user experience and satisfaction

  • Responsive design:Responsive design is the crucial component of a mobile-friendly website. When the designer builds a responsive website, you ensure that your website adapts to any device. Whether it's a smartphone/or tablet all the users get the best mobile experience for their device. When you make your website responsive, it is very easy to scroll through your page and view your site correctly. Having a good responsive design will lead too much business for your website.

  • Pop-ups:You have to give efficient pop-ups to draw your audience's attention. Through pop ups, you get users’ attention towards the action you want them to take. But always take care of the pop-ups because they will change when they browse on mobiles. Also, don’t use so many pop-ups on your website.

  • Optimize for local:A mobile-friendly SEO involves local SEO mobile searches use the phrase ‘near me’ many times in a year. So people are searching for local SEOs. You have to adapt local keywords for this method. If someone searches for anything with the local phrase, your website comes in local search.

  • Easy navigation bar:Navigation plays a vital role to access information. If the navigation is difficult, users will leave your site. If you want to create a positive environment for your customers, create mobile-friendly navigation. Navigation is better when we use a hamburger button. By clicking on the hamburger button users can see all the pages that have to be visited in the website

  • Perfect title tags & description: Title tags and description are important in a mobile-friendly SEO website. This element is the important one because it determines whether a user is going to click or not. Mobile users carefully look at the title tags and descriptions in a website.

  • Create mobile content:Always remember to make good mobile content. It provides a positive experience on mobile devices. If you are planning to create mobile content make sure your content length. Keep the paragraphs at 2-3 sentences; it will make it easier for the user to read them. Also, don’t forget to add photos & videos to your content.

Wrapping it up!

A mobile SEO strategy is essential to growing your business online. A good SEO plan will give more audience online. If aren’t you sure how to get a good SEO strategy, we have a team of experienced digital marketers to help you to develop an efficient mobile SEO strategy. Progbiz is a professional digital marketing agency in Kannur, Kerala. Give us a call and get more engaging customers in your business website. Our SEO services cover all types of industries, including Mobile SEO, Local SEO , Ecommerce SEO and Customized SEO.

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Muzammil P

April 12, 2022

Good Write

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Athira K

April 12, 2022

Thank You!!.


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