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Biometric Attendance Software Kerala, India

Experience a Fully Automated and Real-Time Attendance System

employee tracking software

Our biometric attendance system software ensures the company employee's security and gives them a safe environment for work. It also helps to safeguard the data of the company. Biometric attendance system software gives complete data of employees that enter and leave the office at a particular time. It tracks and stores all employees’ attendance data. There are many features in a biometric attendance system like the manager to assign jobs and track the employees whenever he wants. One of the most used attendance management system is the biometric attendance system software

Progbiz provides the best biometric attendance system software that includes best features. It includes face recognition and finger id detection option for all employees and authorized persons. This helps to restrict other fraud people that entering the office.

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Office Punch-in and Punch-out: By using EM tracker we can assign job for a particular time period

Real-time Tracking: We will get an exact location of employee at a particular time and previous location details also.

Day Based/ Job Based Punch-in/Punch-out:Admin can decide whether an employee can punch-in day based / job based

Late Punch-out Request: Employees can make a request for punch-out from the application. And the admin can either accept or reject that request.

Location Based Punch-out Mode : Employer can enable and restrict punch-out to the job location.

Leave Request : It gives you the permission for requesting leave from company. It will be accountable to attendance.

Benefits of Using Employee Attendance App

  • Accurate data: The authorities get accurate data of all employees’ attendance and working schedule.
  • Employee shift scheduling: Through employee attendance app the managers can easily calculate the scheduling of employees. It automatically manages attendance and synchronizes work for all employees.
  • Easy workflow: We can get all the information in automatically. Don’t have to use pen, pencil or paper to insert all data.
  • Attendance management: When using employee attendance app we can easily track the days of work, hours, vacation, sick leave, absence, holidays etc.
  • Calculate hours: The authorities can easily track employee’s hour of work.

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