Power Up Your Moving Business with Trustable Moving Software

MoveLog is specifically designed for enterprises to simplify customer and business data management processes in a secure manner. Take your moving company to the next level with our reliable moving software.

Simplify Moving Business Operations With Top-Rated Moving Company Software

Effortless Estimates & Scheduling

Our software for movers generates accurate quotes for customers and schedules the job, and also helps to reduce time by simplifying the estimation and scheduling processes.

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Team Communication & Dispatch

The staff can communicate and coordinate them easily with our moving software. Track and ensure the required inventory items are moved. This guarantees accuracy in moving and customer satisfaction.

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Automated Paperwork & Payments

This moving web app helps reduce manual paperwork and eliminate errors with automated forms. It also provides secure payment processing for a better experience and increased productivity.

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Enhance the Customer Experience and Satisfaction

Organizing and delivering a smooth move provides customer satisfaction, and it will reduce the actual time taken by a typical move. This leads to more profitability by booking more moves each day.

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Secure Data Management

Our software stores and manages employees’ data and order requirements securely. It gives trust to customers through data encryption, secure backups, and user authentication protocols.

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Data-Driven Decision Making

MoveLog offers a visually appealing, powerful dashboard. By viewing detailed reports and analytics, you can make informed decisions that help enhance the growth of your moving business.

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Manage Your Entire Move with One Powerful Software Solution

Powerful dashboard

Manage your company's entire operations with our powerful dashboard.

Survey creation

With our MoveLog moving app, employees can easily create and distribute customer surveys.

Sales and marketing

Add marketing and customer details easily and help convert leads into loyal customers.

Financial management

Manage your finances, acquire insights, and maintain efficient financial operations.

Lead and follow-up

Easily add and follow up on leads using our moving web app, and also efficiently capture leads

Powerful reports

Generate custom and detailed reports for many operations.

Why Choose Our Moving Web App?

User-friendly Interface

The intuitive interface of our moving web app helps users understand the features without any training.

Real-Time Update

Our software for movers gives real-time notifications on job statuses, driver locations, and client communications, which will keep you informed and allow you to solve any concerns as soon as possible.


Progbiz’s moving company software is customizable to your unique business needs.

Robust Security Measures

Our moving company software protects your business and employee data securely with advanced encryption

Tired of Juggling Spreadsheets and Chasing Paper Trails?

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How does moving company software simplify business operations?

The moving company software, MoveLog simplifies moving operations by automating booking, scheduling, and customer communications. It reduces manual errors, saves time, and increases customer satisfaction.

Is the moving data safe with the moving company software?

Yes, we prioritize data security by providing advanced encryption and cloud storage and ensuring the data is safe and protected from unauthorized access.

Is the software scalable for my growing business?

Yes. Our software is designed to scale with your business.