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Advantages of Embedded System

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Embedded systems consist of a computer processor, computer memory, and input/output peripheral devices that have a specific function within a mechanical or electronic system. It is embedded as part of a complete device including electric hardware and mechanical parts. An embedded system controls the physical operation of a machine that is embedded within. We will discuss embedded systems and their advantages in this article.

What is an Embedded System?

Many of the items we use in our everyday lives are now controlled by embedded systems. It is based on microcontrollers/microprocessors. Embedded systems are computer programs that perform specific tasks. Its size ranges from portable personal devices such as smart watches, mp3 players to bigger machines like home appliances, transport vehicles, etc. Embedded system application appears in every small and large industry in the world. Automobiles, household appliances, medical gadgets, and other equipment all rely on it to operate effectively.Embedded systems are having many advantages they will be great devices that help everyone in their life.

It is mainly designed to operate several devices with no human interference. It has so many features

  • Easy to manage: Embedded systems are very easy to manage. The requirements used for building this embedded system are very cheap and long-lasting. So the requirements need less maintenance. The software is the main component used in an embedded system so the managing will depend on the software

  • Fast performance: An embedded system's performance is high. But it sometimes varies according to some factors; the developers have to make the on functional requirements like execution time, energy consumption, and memory capacity to optimize the performance of a system. When the embedded system has to complete only one task it will be fast and the performance is high

  • Smaller in size: Embedded systems are small in size compared to other traditional systems. They only take up a little space and also easily function. The size is a main factor for the power also when we are using a small size embedded system, it only requires less power compared to large systems.

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Features of Embedded System

  • Embedded systems are always dedicated to tasks. They are the machines that do the same tasks repeatedly in a lifetime.

  • Embedded systems are task-specific within a time frame. So the performance will be fast. If we set a time and the time exceeds there will be a shutdown of the embedded system

  • They have no user interface, so when we set a washing machine with a particular task and time. The program will be start and run according to the task

  • Embedded systems are small-sized but all the work is efficient, fast-performing with less - power and it is not expensive.

  • The embedded system will be functioning for a long time without causing any user difficulties. So it is high on reliability and stability

  • For designing purpose embedded system used microcontroller/microprocessor

  • Embedded system needs connected peripherals for attaching input and output devices.

  • Hardware is always used for security and performance.

Different types of embedded system

  1. Real-time embedded system
  2. Stand-alone embedded system
  3. Network embedded system
  4. Mobile embedded system
  • Real-time embedded system-It provides the result within a specific time. That is, it is designed to perform tasks at a preferred time.

  • Stand-alone embedded system -They can work themself, that is they are self-sufficient and it never depends on a host system. The steps involved in a stand-alone embedded system are when an input is received, processed, and later the output is produced.

  • Network embedded system -It is connected to a network to perform its tasks. It consists of components like sensors, controllers, etc. and all are interconnected.

  • Mobile embedded system - It is comparatively small that can be used in small devices. It is mainly used in mobile phones, digital camera, etc.

Advantages Of Embedded System

  • Power : The power consumption of embedded devices is very low. By using the small devices the power consumption also will be low. It is an important advantage of embedded systems. The total power consumption of the embedded system is less than 1 watt or similar.

  • Real-time Device :Real-time means the embedded system will respond to the action at a very minimum time. Consider the airbag system, in a car, the airbag has to open in short time duration, this is possible with the help of a real-time embedded system. The program is scheduled for the task at a particular time. It will continue the process at the preferred time

  • Size :The size of the embedded system is very small as compared to traditional products. Embedded systems are designed for unique tasks, the requirements for this product small so the size also will be small. Mainly the embedded products are used for one task at a time. This is the great advantage of an embedded device

  • Accuracy:The performance of embedded systems is accurate because of the advanced software. Accuracy of the embedded device is the key factor to perform its operation correctly, consider a device like an insulin injection pump, the control system has to make several measurements and assess the rate of change of blood sugar. The incremental quantity of insulin to be administered is calculated and delivered using the system's micro-pump based on the current level, rate, and direction of change. Embedded devices can be interfaced with other systems.

  • Portability:The size of the embedded devices is very small so they can be carrying many embedded devices. So the devices have portability. It’s a unique advantage in embedded systems.

  • Price: The price of embedded devices is very low as compared to other devices. That makes wide use of an embedded device at multiple applications. So we can make products at a low cost with high quality.

  • Speed: Normally embedded systems do only one task at a time, so it loads very faster. As a result, embedded system devices have a high speed

Applications Of Embedded System

There are so many areas in that an embedded system is used in our daily lives. Some examples are given below

  • Electronics – Television, digital camera, printer, ps4, calculator, etc.

  • Appliances - Refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners, etc

  • Equipment used in healthcare - MRI scanners, ECG machines, etc

  • Communication – Routers, satellite phones, etc
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