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Flutter App Development Company in Kerala, India

flutter app development company

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. It’s a framework that creates applications for iOS and Android with a single codebase in record time.

Flutter was officially presented in December 2018. Flutter is using free language called Dart. There are already 80,000 flutter apps are available in the Google play store. Progbiz is the best flutter app development company in Kerala, India .


  1. What is called flutter?
  2. Best flutter development company
  3. Why Progbiz?
  4. Our flutter app development process
  5. Pros & cons of flutter app
  6. Important tools in flutter development
  7. Why flutter app development is popular?
  8. Popular apps developed by flutter
  9. Our Features
  10. Future with flutter


Flutter is a cross-platform software development framework that was presented by Google in 2015 and released date in May 2017. Flutter has rapidly grown in 2022 and provides so many possibilities for iOS, Android, Web, and desktop applications.

Dart is the language used in flutter app development. Dart language is used to build flutter apps. It is an object-oriented programming language that was released in 2011.

Dart language is similar to Java, Swift/Kotlin languages so it is very easy to study. The SDK (software development kit) is shipped with a stand-alone Dart Virtual Machine (VM) that allows you to build the code in a (CLI) environment.

Flutter framework is written using c, c++, and dart languages. Flutter development runs using VM on Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. In flutter, everything is like a widget. When we are comparing to other frameworks flutter does not have separate controllers, views, or layouts. Important features of the flutter are that anyone with basic knowledge can learn it.

Basic widgets that used:

  • Text
  • Row, column
  • Stack
  • Container
  • Center
  • List
  • Grid view
  • App bar
  • Drawer
  • Icon


Corona virus pandemic affected all people in the world and shook up everything that came in its way from education to jobs to business. It also had a significant impact on people's daily lives. We Progbiz develop beautiful and rich flutter apps with all clients’ needs. We are the best flutter app development company in Kerala, India.Our flutter app development services offer you apps with expressive UI, beautiful animations and flexible performance. We discuss with you in all requirements from the initial stage to the last step. Always give priority to your all requirements. So start your flutter application development process with leading flutter Development Company in India.

We assist you to build quality flutter apps that run on iOS and Android. Whenever you have any issues in your flutter apps our expert will manage the projects. We have experienced professionals that fix all your bugs in super speed. Our team helps you with fast testing, security audits and other fixes.

  • Perfect application
  • 24/7 support
  • Fast app development
  • Creative design

Our flutter app development team have years of experience in building mobile apps with iOS and Android. We deliver flutter apps with best features in a less time of period. Progbiz develops the best web applications using Blazor .Progbiz flutter app service is scalable and effective solutions in all over India. Progbiz delivers expressive, beautiful, top-quality mobile aps that runs on multiple platforms.


When choose the best flutter app development company in Kerala, Progbiz is the best company with a bunch of skillful professional team. We always respect our customer’s requirements and never compromises on app quality and always believe in timely delivery.

Progbiz always give priority to technical and communication support through the entire app development process.We are the top rated flutter development company in Kerala, India.Always setup a timely maintenance and updates of the application that we are developing. Are you searching for a leading flutter development company in India? Progbiz is the best choice in flutter app development.


Requirement Analysis

Planning & Strategy



Quality assurance


    Requirement Analysis – Gather all the requirements that you want in your flutter app. And discuss client’s idea with our expert team. Always create app strategy in requirement analysis.

    Planning & Strategy –In a flutter app development process planning and strategy is important. Listen our clients carefully and understand their requirements.

    Design -When the entire prototype approved, our professional team start to work on the design of the application. After completing the design, it is send to the client to get their approval.

    Development-Then our flutter app development team works on the design & development. Integrate web services and perform testing.

    Quality assurance – When the product is ready to launch make sure your testing team does the quality check with important tools and see all the bugs are fixed.

    Launch-Then we bring our new application to launch.



High performance – The rate of flutter is 60fps at which contemporary screens display a smooth a clear picture.

The file size is large – In flutter, the file size is very large. Sometimes these large file sizes give issues to the developers. However, while this file size provides better runtime and performance, it is difficult to determine who your target audience.

Immediate Updates – Flutter provides real-time updates without the use of plugins. While running the code when you face any errors, the framework will fix it. Immediate updates helps to improve your productivity.

Lack of the third party libraries – Flutter is new for mobile app development, so it’s not easy to find free packages and libraries.

Custom widgets – It has ready-designed and custom widgets. We can create an excellent flutter app interface with these widgets. There are so many widgets like fonts, color schemes, menus, buttons, and padding. The widgets of the flutter are consistent and have extensive capabilities.

New technology – Flutter is one of the top emerging technologies. When it is used by seasoned developers who don’t know how to use it flutter is constantly developing which means this technology is not that much easy.

Easy Learning – Dart programming language is easy to learn. We only have to know less coding knowledge and by this, we can develop flutter apps with this language.


  1. Panache
  2. Panache helps you to create custom material themes for flutter apps.

    • Free and open source
    • Color customization
    • Shape customization
    • Helps to create attractive themes
    • Export the app as a dart file to the Google Drive folder
  3. Codemagic
  4. Codemagic is a cross-platform app development platform. It’s the best tool in flutter app and works with any tool to create and test the app and uses automated code to eliminate the requirement for launch settings.

  5. Square
  6. It helps to address all the complications that may occur while processing payment

    • Fully customizable UI
    • Intuitive UX
    • Set of flexible tools
    • Real-time reports
  7. Visual Studio Code
  8. It acts as an editor for coding with JavaScript and Node.js, Python, and C++.

    • Free & open source
    • Intelligent code completion
    • Code refactoring
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Easy to function
    • Debugging plugins
  9. Supernova
  10. It’s a design system platform that used flutter to build its collaborative web apps for designers and developers.

    • Fixes fonts, colors, and components
    • Design editing
    • Customizing every component
  11. Firebase
  12. Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) app development that provides hosted backend services.

    • Cloud storage
    • Authentication
    • Machine learning
    • Remote configuration
    • Crash reporting
  14. It is perfect for your cross-platform app development. It allows you to investigate user activity at a more granular level.

    • Sharpens data privacy & security
    • Can retrieve & analyze every detail of customers
  15. AppsFlyer
  16. It’s a mobile attribution SDK. Using this on a mobile app, you can use AppsFlyer to fetch conversion data for your user acquisition and retention campaigns and use that information to optimize advertising budget.

  17. Appetize
  18. Appetize is the best choice for flutter app development tools. It helps to utilize it to simplify and make the introduction process more effective.

    • - Training and customer support
    • - Automation and testing
    • - Enterprise deployment
  19. Android Studio
  20. Android Studio has the Hot Load functionality of flutter makes it superior to Android Studio in many ways.

    • Syntax highlights procedures
    • Code compilation capabilities
    • Widget editing support


Flutter is more resistant to system updates so it is easier to use. That means when iOS/ Android update the OS, the app will remain the same.

Flutter is an open-source language. All developers can easily turn your apps into a perfect solution by so many properties like the beautiful, material design; rich motion APIs, smooth natural scrolling behavior. Flutter is an open-source so developers can explore countless design options for applications.

Customers are always concerned about applications performance. Flutter has so many fantastic widgets that ensure the native performance of the application. Flutter widgets including scrolling, navigation, icons, and fonts and ensure a hassle free app development.

Flutter framework is an advanced API that enables you to leverage faster, cleaner and smoother app animations. By using flutter, a developer can get Google’s firebase support as a backend. Flutter has an efficient portable GPU rendering UI that allows it to work on multiple interfaces. Flutter framework supports visual studio code and Android code. It only wants less time for testing. As there is a single codebase set to review and test. Also, there is less chance of bugs in coding. Flutter offers with a wide range of widgets and tools so our developers can create attractive interfaces.

Easy integration is available in a flutter. Flutter is easy to embed into your existing app which means when you want to add something to an old app; with flutter you can easily integrate the new UI in the old app. Flutter is in charge of each and every pixel on the screen. As a result, we can be sure that our widgets will seem the same on every mobile device.


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  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Integrity & Transparency
  • Professional Teams
  • Competitive Pricing
  • lexibility
  • Maintenance Support
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Clean & Responsive UI Designs
  • Detailing of Documentation
  • Analyzing Project


There are so many reasons why flutter apps became popularized. All developers are very much confident that the future of app development belongs to flutter .

Flutter is a Google-developed portable user interface toolkit that lets you construct appealing natively built mobile, web, and desktop programmers from a single codebase. With Flutter, you can develop a native mobile app with just one line of code. By using flutter we get so many advantages.

  • Single codebase for every platform
  • Flutter is a single codebase platform where you develop any applications with flutter. You only need to write one line of code, and the application will operate on every platform .

  • Native performance
  • There are so many widgets are there in a flutter. And these widgets can be integrated into the flutter apps to make use of the difficult platform-dependent functionalities. So flutter can easily incorporate third-party integrations and API.

  • Fast application development
  • Flutter has the specialty in hot reload. It helps developers in quick and easy experiments, the building of UI’s, adding features and fixing bugs. This facilitates the work on the application's appearance .

  • Customizable widgets
  • In flutter, the widgets have very much important. Flutter is capable of creating complex widgets that can be customized according to the requirements of the application .

  • You get the correct cross-platform balance
  • Flutter helps developers to write code that works on different platforms. Two different applications can use the codebase. In addition to the UI code, the user interface is also shareable. This makes maintaining a single codebase considerably easier than maintaining several codebases for different platforms

  • Provides a greater developer experience
  • It collects a lot of functionality that is generally distributed and arranges it into a user-friendly interface

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